The Greek Goodbye Protocol

1.      The Breakfast  : Eat Tyropita and drink a freddo capuccino...or frappé
2.      Drive like a crazy greek and give at least one Mountza... You can use the word “parta malaka” as well while you’re uploading the “mountza”!
3.      Go to the bank just to find out they didn't pay you yet...after all that's a proοf = you are still in Greece...
4.      Sleep with the Koufeto under your pillow to find out who’s your futur husband... if you see a greek, jump (or be jumped as we say in greece) from the window (i did it last night it didnt work out, but you should try)
5.      The Lunch : Souvlaki with tzatziki is probably your first choice. Consider about kissing-goodbye difficulties… Don’t forget to do Papara into the Greek Salad!
6.      Put on your total black sunglasses  and enjoy  vitamin D from sun exposure…
7.      Take “ftou-ftou” for good luck from yiayia and pappou. The Ftou will protect you from Mati too.
8.      Walk around the house being naked even if you never do this…After having a 24/7 flatmate you would never have the chance to do it again!
9.      Cry your eyes out in an hysterical mood at the airport…For  greek parents  your departure is like going to the war… Become excessive!
10.  When you are already in the plane, call your mom and dad (again) at least 4 times before the Take Off… Be a drama-queen and cry a little bit more! 

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